Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service
Certification of Ownership & Storage Agreement
Unsworth Storage offers RV Parking only. By renting space from us you agree that:
You understand that Unsworth Storage does not issue refunds for unused portions of a rental term (monthly, semi-annually, annual). Rates, including discounts for prepayment, are based on this no refund policy.

You are responsible for your own insurance. Unsworth Storage can not and does not insure your goods or vehicles and takes no liability for anything that is stored on the property. Unsworth Storage only rents space and does not take care, custody or control of anyone's property. We can not stop thieves from breaking into the yard or otherwise gaining access to the property. We can not prevent fire, extreme weather, Acts of God, earthquakes or other hazards and are NEVER responsible for what happens to your property. By renting space from Unsworth Storage you agree to RELEASE Unsworth Storage and its affiliates from ANY LIABILITY for anything that happens to you or your property.

You will secure the gate at all times.

You understand that we will do our best to make the premises accessible within business hours. If there should be snow or other reasons out of our control, you will have to wait until the problem clears to access your unit. You will not enter the site if it is deemed by us to be unsafe.

You will not pollute the property or the environment with your activities at Unsworth Storage. Don't store or discharge hazardous materials, explosives, highly flammable material or dangerous; or noxious substance. No item will be stored in the storage area which would violate any law or ordinance now or hereafter in force in the country.

You will show pride in the storage yard by not leaving garbage around. When you move out of a storage unit, sweep it clean ready for the next user. No storing of junk around parking spaces or outside storage containers. You will also be a good citizen that picks up and dispose of any garbage you see around your space.

You will secure your vehicle or storage space properly. RV's that are left unlocked present temptation and encourage crimes of opportunity. Lock up or remove batteries, propane tanks, bikes, and tools. Use a hitch lock. Consider wheel locks or chains. Factory RV door locks are very weak, so consider a good deadbolt or supplementary padlock for your doors.

You will be alert to suspicious behaviour and act on it. Normal clients go to their spot and drop off or pick up. Normal clients know the gate code, the owner's name and have likely met the security team. Normal clients will introduce themselves and know what spot they are in. Normal clients don't wander around the yard looking at other people's things, checking doors etc. Be friendly and introduce yourself. Those that are up to evil are not interested in being identified or exposed.

You will be responsible to pay your storage account. Keep a valid credit card with current expiry date on file with Unsworth Storage or make special arrangements with management. All charges are due in advance. Call us at 604-791-7960 or log in to your account to update payment details.

You accept a lien on your goods or vehicles when stored. If you remove items subject to a storage lien it is a form of theft. You agree that Unsworth Storage has the right to seize (from anywhere) and hold any vehicle removed from the storage facility without the storage account being paid in full. You will pay the tow bills and other costs of seizing and storing the vehicle.

You will pay your storage account each month (or other applicable period) in advance of the storage period by the due date. Failure to pay on time will incur a 5% late fee. If you do not pay for storage in a timely manner your things will be sold at auction under the WAREHOUSE LIEN ACT (BC).

You will update your contact info with Unsworth Storage if it changes. Call us at 604-791-7960 or log in to your account to make updates.

 You will vacate the space on 30 calendar days notice from Unsworth Storage. You will immediately (within 24 hours) vacate the storage facility if you are found by Unsworth Storage to have seriously breached the rules or are judged a possible security risk. If you fail to remove item(s) in storage after being required by Unsworth Storage to do so, Unsworth Storage may deem that your item(s) were abandoned and are thereafter subjected to disposal in accordance to any applicable laws in BC.

You certify that any stored vehicle is and will remain registered to yourself or a close family member in accordance with applicable laws. (business clients, registered to the business). You will only store personal property that belongs to you and your immediate family. You will not sublet or share your storage space with other people. Only the unit approved to be stored will be allowed. No replacement units or vehicles without permission.
We trust these simple common sense rules will lead to a great experience at Unsworth Storage. If you have any questions or suggestions please call us at 604-791-7960.